About Bridges Bros USA

Bridges Bros USA is a small pecan orchard in Barnesville, Georgia that offers direct-to-consumer Pecan Products, Local Harvesting Services, and Processing Services (beginning 2025 season) for individuals and businesses.

We're a family-run business, made up of myself, my wife Bethany, and our young sons Asa and Emmett. Our small, heirloom orchard is located in West Central Georgia, where the black, sandy, loamy soil is fertile ground for Pecan growers.

As a result, we're not the only small growers in the region.  In fact, while there are 3,318 commercial pecan growers in Georgia (Bridges Bros USA being one), there are many regular folks with 3, 5, 10+ trees, simply because they are beautiful, fruitful, and grow so well here.

For those of you that fit into that category, Bridges Bros USA would love the opportunity to offer customized harvesting services to fit your particular needs.  Contact us today!

My family and I appreciate your support, and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Brandt Bridges
Founder and Chief Nut Officer
Bridges Bros USA, LLC